Your Sunnyvale Veterinary Hospital

We believe as you do, that your pet is family and deserves the highest quality care possible; therefore our mission is to provide “Gold Standard Care” for your pet’s happiness, health, and longevity.

As your partner, we will always provide you with a thorough assessment of your pet’s needs, provide quality estimates and complete explanations of services, comprehensive examinations and diagnostic testing and honest recommendations for your pet’s optimal health and quality of life.

We believe every patient deserves unbiased, individualized attention. We will offer your pet every option, the same as we would for our own pets, and would never limit our medical recommendation because of circumstance. We do not believe any pet should suffer and we will always recommend what is in the best interest of your pet.

Our Promise

    We will go over your pet’s options
    We will answer your questions
    We will talk about your concerns regarding your pet’s course of care
    We will only recommend what is ethically and medically necessary for your pet’s health & well being
Murphy Avenue Pet Clinic: We treat your pets like family
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