Dr. Ken Sawyer

sunnyvale veterinarian
Dr. Sawyer is the long standing veterinarian of Murphy Avenue Pet Clinic. He graduated from the UC Davis College of Veterinary Medicine in 1993, and has been in general practice (mostly in the South Bay Area) since then. He is a native of San Jose, having graduated from Del Mar High in 1984. Ken enjoys all aspects of veterinary medicine, especially dentistry, surgery, pain control, and internal medicine. He shares his life with his wife, also a veterinarian, a Pit Bull named Smokey (yes, he is friendly, and gets along with cats, other dogs, and children very well), Petey, a young and inquisitive Pit Bull, Billy, a cat with radial nerve paralysis, Crumpet, an elder cat with early kidney disease that was surrendered recently by a client, and 6 chickens. He enjoys playing volleyball and golf, coaching volleyball, mentoring students, gardening, and hiking with his wife and dogs in his spare time. He was also on the Sunnyvale Howl’oween Pet Parade Committee. Dr. Sawyer is currently coaching the JV girls volleyball team at Monta Vista High in Cupertino.

Veronica Gonzales, Practice Manager

sunnyvale vet tech
Our newest addition to our team is our new Practice manager, Veronica Gonzales. Veronica was born and raised in San Jose, Ca. She has been a veterinary technician for over 13 years now and has loved every minute of her animal loving career, from general practice to emergency medicine. She is excited to share all her knowledge and passion with us and with you. When she is not in the hospital, her Pomeranian Tyson, who is now 12 years old, is the light of her life and keeps her busy. Another passion of hers is traveling with family and friends whenever possible when she isn’t fostering kittens through kitty season.


Mandy, Veterinary Assistant

sunnyvale vet assistant

Mandy joined the MAPC family in April 2020 after graduating from UC San Diego in March 2020. She absolutely loves petting and playing with adorable doggos and cats and is striving to become a veterinarian in the future. She also enjoys singing and playing the guitar in her spare time. Her greatest hobby is sipping on good boba while watching cute animal videos!





Angel, Veterinary Assistant

Angel joined the MAPC team in November of 2021. She is in the middle of vet school, loves chihuahuas, and has one of her own named Taquito. In her free time, she loves to ride her bicycle in the mountains and aspires to ride her bike through the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. She loves horror movies, books, and wants to write her own some day! She is very passionate about animals and her job, as it is where she can help benefit the health of the animals. She is always seeking to learn new experiences every day and find a better life for animals all over.

Samuel, Veterinary Assistant

Samuel joined the MAPC team in November of 2021. Though he may be rather shy when it comes to social interaction, he loves to talk to cats and dogs. Sam loves to listen to all sorts of music as well as sing, and though he can only sing three songs due to a small vocal range, his voice can somehow magically go up an octave when seeing a cute cat. Sam enjoys weightlifting in general, as well as the satisfaction of achieving new goals in powerlifting. His favorite time of the day is when he is rubbing face to face with his roommate’s cat, Mochi.

Nicole, Veterinary Assistant

My name is Nicole a Bay Area native who graduated from Del Mar High. I enjoy being active as I was in sports throughout middle school and played varsity basketball and softball in high school. My biggest passion is animals aside all things since birth I had a dog companion and never been without one. I currently have 3 dogs but my OG is Paco he’s 7 yrs old, has been with me since he was 11 months old and his favorite is camping in nature. I love seeing animals healthy and hope one day every dog gets to go to a forever, happy home. I am grateful I have a job that contributes to helping animals be healthy and happy, hoping to be a veterinarian in the future.



Rowan, Veterinary Assistant

Rowan joined the MAPC team as a receptionist in November of 2021. A native New Yorker and a lifetime animal lover, Rowan has a 12-year-old cat named Rue as well as pet snails. Rowan hopes to one day become a Veterinary Technician, and loves getting to spend their day surrounded by cats and dogs! In their free time, Rowan loves to play video games and Dungeons and Dragons. They also enjoy painting, especially pet portraits, as well as going hiking and tidepooling in the sunny California weather!




Claire, Veterinary Assistant

I grew up in Cupertino and always had a big passion for animals. Growing up, I had hamsters (traumatizing), fishes, snails, and a Chihuahua. Now, I have a 12 year old puppy named Coco and two cats, Bomi and Hiro. I wish to get a snake in the near future. My hobbies are cooking, baking, and being couch potatoes with my pets.

Olivia, Reception Lead and Social Media

Olivia joined the MAPC team in September of 2020 as a receptionist and our social media administrator. She has lived majority of her life here in the Bay Area, and has recently graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz with a degree in Literature. While she has always loved cats most, Olivia enjoys meeting every single animal that walk through our doors and will always greet each one with a smile on her face. She has two cats named Sunny and Anbu, and in her free time loves to write stories, craft, and read.

Michelle, Receptionist

Michelle comes from a retail background and decided to venture out and try something new in the veterinary industry. She grew up in San Jose and she would love to become a vet tech in the near future.

She has owned many animals throughout her life such as turtles, bunny’s, cats, dogs, and her current Cane Corso Stubby. As an animal lover, she is always excited to see pets when coming into work.

During her free time, she loves to take Stubby on walks, reading, and her favorite, meditating in my backyard. Being around nature makes Michelle really happy and overall makes her feel more grounded.


Jenny is currently working towards a degree in sociology. In her spare time she loves spending time with her family and her Shi Tzu named Cha Cha. She enjoys finding new hikes with her dog and eventually carrying her when Cha Cha gets tired. Additional to her to love for being out in nature, she also loves engaging her creative side through different art

mediums from painting, ceramics and woodworking.


Petey is Dr. Sawyer’s dog and Smokey’s partner in crime! He is a friendly gray and white Pitbull who eats anything! Petey loves to play detective and investigate everything in sight. He will let you know he knows you are here by barking a “hello”


Smokey is a beautiful and sweet brindle and white Pit Bull. If you have ever wanted to meet a friendly Pit Bull, please ask to meet him. He will change opinions of the breed! He does like to bark at intruders passing by our fence. So if he says “hi” this way, just ignore him and continue on your way.