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Pet Insurance

Should your pet need treatment for a condition or illness, management costs can rise to levels most would find unaffordable.

Often, our veterinarian will want to refer serious emergencies, complicated surgeries or medical cases to a specialty or emergency hospital. Specialty and emergency hospitals play an important role in providing quality healthcare for your pet, and can often be the difference between the successful or unsuccessful treatment of your pet. But because these hospitals often deal with life-threatening problems that need intensive care, the fees are usually higher.

If your pet were seriously sick or injured and required major surgery and/or an extended hospital stay, would you be willing to spend $5,000, $10,000 or more if required? If your answer is yes, but you’re worried about how you would afford it, then you should at least look into purchasing pet insurance.

Even if your pet has been relatively healthy, an unexpected event may leave your family facing a large financial burden.

Without pet insurance the only option for many families in this situation is to hold off on treatment or worse.

Pet insurance can help save the day and, more importantly, help save your pet’s life!

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Pet Insurance 101
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Pet Insurances we recommend:

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