K.I. Avatar

Office looks great. Keep up the good work! I love the clinic. Great doctor and staff!

D.F. Avatar

Thank you for saving my little girl!

T.H. Avatar

Everyone is kind and tries to make our kitties comfortable.

B.M. Avatar

MAPC always does a stellar job. Keep up the good work. Kaitlynn loves her vet. She also likes her picture that was taken on Friday.

J.L. Avatar

My pets are always treated with gentle care. My pet is treated like a dear friend of everyone in the clinic. Thank you for calling with test results right away.

O.C. Avatar

You all are doing great job, my pet is very happy.

D.H. Avatar

Keep up the great work! Our precious cats have been patients here for 7 years and we trust Dr. Sawyer very much. He is very knowledgeable, easy going, explains things well, patient and has a good staff supporting him. He loves animals and spends a good amount of time with us during our visits. I know we could go elsewhere where we might save some money, but I would not want to risk a move and give up the great service and excellent care we consistently receive

L.S. Avatar

Everyone who works there is very friendly and the atmosphere is inviting and feels like home.

J.Z. Avatar

Nice staff. We really liked the new technician.

D.B. Avatar

Warm, friendly, knowledgeable, informative, thank you. Very nice to meet you. Will return and will refer

M.H. Avatar

Very pleasant we felt at home. I feel very safe knowing you guys are right around the corner!

Anonymous . Avatar

You always get everything right!

Anonymous .
M.S. Avatar

Dr Sawyer and all his staff are the best. I drive all the way from Pleasanton because of the care they provide! Thank you all!

J.W. Avatar

Great clinic, great staff! Love the home-like interior, and location, and so does my dog!

H.H. Avatar

Overall great job. Everyone was very friendly and nice. Definitely would recommend.

P.M. Avatar

Friendly staff. Efficient and professional staff. Doctor does not do unnecessary work on animals.

M. L. Avatar

Very friendly staff. Genuine and very pleasant, knowledgeable. Friendly, caring, and professional. Overall experience has always been very favorable across the board.

M. L.
S.M. Avatar

I cannot think of anything for improvement at this time. We feel lucky to have Dr. Sawyer and team taking care of my pet and recommend to all we know in the area with pets.

M.K. Avatar

Dr. Sawyer referred us to a specialist when the situation called for it, which is 100% the right thing to do.

P.H. Avatar

The staff treated my cat with so much love and respect! That really helps him to calm down and be kind to everybody!

M.B. Avatar

Love Murphy Avenue Pet clinic! Thanks for taking such a great care of our cats.

D.R. Avatar

Charlie is happy! No more chewing his nails. Thanks

J.C. Avatar

You guys are amazing, really glad I listened to Nelson and checked you guys out!

R.Y. Avatar

We love Dr. Sawyer!

Anon Avatar

Very kind and friendly staff!

J.D. . Avatar

Everyone in this clinic is so kind and caring to both my cat and me. I always feel like they treat my cat as they would a favorite child.

J.D. .
S.R. Avatar

I felt well informed and very comfortable with the entire team helping to care for my cat. I always have a lot of questions, and I always get the answers I need. I do not have an abundance of wealth to spend on my cats, but I never feel gauged by the clinic, I always know exactly what I am paying for and why.

R.K. Avatar

Thanks for keeping Pluto healthy!